Learning How to Cook

So now that I’m a mom of a toddler, it is time that I learn how to cook.  Sigh.  Cooking is my kryptonite.  Cooking has the ability to make me cry at night and question my whole existence.  Pretty powerful huh?  One of the first things I thought when I got pregnant was, “oh crap, how am I going to feed this kid?”  Yup, it is that serious.  Mister and I dined out the majority of our marriage.  Pizza, burgers, soul food joints, sushi Friday… and Saturday.  When Mister and I got married the only meal that I knew how to make was spaghetti.  Now that I’m an expert spaghetti maker, he will probably never eat it again.

Everyone says that cooking should be fun.  For me however, it is a major source of anxiety.  I’m talking exasperated breathing, jumbled thoughts and overall doubt.  Don’t judge me, I said anxiety didn’t I?  Scouring the internet for about an hour looking for a recipe that I hopefully have the ingredients for (preferably less than 8) and that seems rather easy in skill and under 30 mins to prep.  Yeeeeaah, we usually end up eating peanut butter and jelly or brinner (breakfast for dinner).  Can’t go wrong with scrambled eggs or pancakes right? *Shrugs*

If I am fortunate to have found a recipe that meets my requirements the food still ends up tasting mediocre.  I just don’t have that special touch.  Like how your mom or grandma can whip up something basic and it tastes magical.  Yeah, whatever that magic is I don’t have it.  There have been many occasions where I have spent so much time and effort trying to cook a meal, yet the night still ends with me in tears and Mister ordering pizza.

Nevertheless, I am determined to learn to cook THIS YEAR before my son has to really enjoy my food.  There is no worse feeling than the rejection, criticism and humiliation a kid honestly and nonchalantly offers.  I don’t want to think I’m whipping up something really awesome just to have my son say how some other mom makes everything better than I do – and in front of company no less.  So here’s to hopefully less tears and more great meals.

Have any good cooking tips, easy recipes or just overall encouragement?  Please comment below!


10 thoughts on “Learning How to Cook

  1. Let the crockpot become your best friend. Boneless chicken with some seasoning (sea salt, pepper, garlic powder), pico de gallo, and some tomato sauce – 6 hours on low and BAM!! nice shredded chicken for authentic tasting tacos, enchiladas, and chicken tortilla soup (add some corn and tortilla strips). Roast with potatoes, celery, and carrots – GREAT MEAL!

    Now let’s move away from the crockpot for a sec…Stuffed chicken with rice, grilled salmon (stovetop grill plate) brushed with a little butter and seasoning with a greek salad, roasted sweet potatoes, homemade stir fry, homemade chicken and veggie alfredo….all easy peezy meals. YOU CAN DO IT! You can always call me 🙂


    • YOU ARE the Healthy Brown Girl so l trust you and l know you can throw down in the kitchen! You had me with the crockpot, but after that… yeeeeaah. I’m a bit intimidated. I will definitely be calling you :-).


  2. Pinterest is AMAZING for people learning to cook! When my husband and I first got married, we spent our first year and a half with my parents, so my Mom cooked every night. I helped occasionally, but never really COOKED. We finally moved out about 5 months ago and thanks to Pinterest, I’ve been able to cook more than just spaghetti! I’ve mastered Salmon, Cod, Tilapia, Meatloaf, Ox tails and skillet meals by Hamburger Helper are the best thing when you need something quick! Just add the meat and you’re all set! Noodles/Rice/Sauce mix comes in the box already pre-portioned. 🙂 Hope this helps


    • Thanks Tasha! Oh man fish is a real struggle for me. It is ALWAYS overdone. I’m so paranoid about my food not being fully cooked that l often overcook meals, especially fish. I’m going to check out Pinterest again. Thanks for the tips!


  3. Well you know my biggest cooking warning is to steer somewhat clear of blog recipes. They look good but don’t seem to taste how they look. The Pioneer Woman (Ree) has never steered me wrong. Her food even has flavor already built-in 😉


    • A friend gave me that same advice so I downloaded the All Recipes app, but it is very misleading. A lot of people give a recipe 4 stars, yet in the review section they say, “I added abc, reduced xyz and it was great!” That is loosely translated to “oh I changed almost everything about this recipe and basically made something else, but you should try this one.” Whaaat? The Pioneer Woman is awesome and I would love to be one of her children, but I do not exercise enough for her full flavor recipes, lol. That is one active family! I like her website though. Ree is really great about guiding you through her recipes with pictures. It has been a while since I have visited her site, guess I’ll head back over there. Thanks for the reminder!


  4. Lol! This is too funny. Yes my son will tell me if food is good or not. If he doesnt want to hurt my feelings he will just say he is full, when he only had one spoonful. However i go onto pinterest and find.good quick meals that have less than 8 ingredients and edible 😁. You should post a pic of your creations. We can tell you what you did wrong…well other moms can! Lol!


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