Potty Training Day 1

Let me start by saying that l am not a drinker.  But tonight, right now, I’m having a glass of wine.

I thought teething was bad.  Oooooweeeee… potty training is a beast.  Veteran moms answer me this: Is this how it’s going to be? Every time l feel like XYZ is the most stressful moment, another harder moment is waiting for me a few months away?  Talk about living on a roller coaster jeez.  I feel like I’m just riding the waves of his desires.  Feel like flinging food on the wall?  Mommy is here to clean it up.  Feel like having a meltdown because your blocks tipped over?  Mommy is here to comfort you.  And even after you said “I love daddy” FIRST… Mommy was still here to wipe your butt.  Hands down, being a parent is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Ever.

Phew. I feel a little better by getting that out.  Back to potty training…

Little Butt is used to the potty because l leave it in his room so he can casually practice on it (read: stand on it and jump off).  He’s a very smart baby so l figured I’ll just take his diaper off, put him on the potty and boom we’ll be done in no time.  Um no.  He peed everywhere, but the potty.  Luckily we have hardwood floors so the clean up was a breeze.  Even though I have Googled my little heart out, I don’t think that I properly conveyed to him what our goal was because immediately after I put him on the potty he jumped up, hugged me and peed on my shirt.  Yup.  I’m a pee pee girl.  (Waving my white flag).  I have no idea what I am doing.

This is all I can muster tonight.  Plus, the wine is kicking in and soon you’ll be reading I loooooovvveee my… hiccup… baby.


2 thoughts on “Potty Training Day 1

  1. I’m a special needs mommy so I know ALL about potty training hell. My son has ASD and he is 5 years old. I always thought he’d be potty trained earlier, hell I actually never thought about it until I realized I’d been wiping but for a long time lol. My kiddo is pretty intelligent, when he puts things together he locks on. He is almost fully potty trained now and it is a recent development to be honest. He’s peed in the potty for about 1 1/2 years but poop is only been consistent about a month maybe a month and a half. What I have found to be something is finding a way to get them to sit on the potty for periods of time. Give them something to distract them so they don’t realize they are on the potty. Then eventually they do some thing on the pot and you make a big deal and reward them. My son went through a phase where he hated having poop in his diaper and he decided he would take it of and smear the poop everywhere. That was not a fun phase… We had carpet. And my husband was deployed half the time. They will drive you to drink but when they finally catch on it is SO rewarding for you and for them, though they don’t know it. When you look back at the journey to independence this will be something you laugh at… hopefully lol.


    • Hey Roz! Wow, you are a strong mama! My anxiety is flaring up just thinking about cleaning poo out of carpet. Lol. I’m glad to hear that you two are on the last leg of potty training. Yes, distraction is a vital component to potty training success! That was one of the techniques I utilized on day 2 ( http://wp.me/p4reXJ-40 ) and it worked! Although we haven’t started on out the house (undies only) or night training yet – mainly because I’m dreading it. Stay tuned for those adventures! Lol. Thanks for commenting Roz!

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