8 Potty Training Tips

After my failed attempt at potty training the first time around (Potty Training Day 1), I was so frustrated and wasn’t sure if my baby would ever get it.  “I’ll just wait until he’s 3 years old,” I told myself, “surely by then he’ll be ready.”  But every single diaper change was a struggle.  He twisted, turned, kicked and screamed while I coaxed him into staying still.  I feel like I’m employed by WWE.  Can I get a Diva paycheck please?

I decided to consult a friend who is a veteran mommy and just potty trained her 18 month old son.  She welcomed us over and we got straight to work.  I told her a few of my issues like him not wanting to stay on the potty and indiscriminately whizzing all over my hardwood floors.  She showed me a few techniques and also told me to make adjustments to MY attitude and doggon it, he got it!  The very next day we were home alone and he didn’t have one single accident!

Here are a few tips from my experience.


1.  Get naked.  Not you silly, the baby!  Naked training is easy because your little one doesn’t have to fiddle with pull ups, therefore causing an accident.  And if there is an accident, you can easily and quickly clean it (and your baby) up.

2.  Turn on your toddler’s favorite T.V. show.  Keeping your little stinker’s attention so you can get them to sit on the potty is very important.  I know there are some moms that prefer that their kids have little to no screen time, and I feel you, buuuuut… it is a major help and it’s only for a short while. I streamed Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood on YouTube and also gave him my tablet so he could play apps while on the potty.  These new age techie babies!

3. Follow your munchkin with the potty like a stalker.  All. Day.  If they leave the room, so do you.  Put the potty behind their butt and gently sit them down.  If they pop back up that is fine, just try again in 10 mins or so.

4. Praise praise praise!  Get excited!  Your little learner is doing some awesome new stuff and you want to show em that they should be proud and that they made you proud too.  But you don’t have to act like the PCH Prize Patrol just came to your house with a big check – that’s too much.

5. Reward.  Allow your little helper to dump the potty and flush the toilet.  For some reason that part is a hit in our house.  I even gave my babe a homemade cookie to sweeten the deal (recipe to come).


1. Do anything other than potty training.  No laundry, no cleaning, no scrolling through your never-ending timeline on Facebook.  Pay attention to your baby’s non-verbal ques (squeezing knees, holding private parts, ect.) because you’ll miss your opportunity in the blink of an eye.

2. Force baby to sit on potty.  This can backfire and make your child either afraid or resentful of the potty.

3. Criticize accidents.  Merely remind your baby that we pee pee/poo poo in the potty, clean it up and leave it at that.  No huffing & puffing, disappointed facial expressions or tones that can discourage your baby.

The goal is to get your baby to feel proud and successful so that they will want to use the potty.  If a few days have gone by and your baby isn’t grasping the concept or having multiple accidents s/he may not be ready for potty training.

I hope these tips (or a variation of these tips) works for you and you can be free from diaper struggles.  God speed Mommies.  Hey veteran moms, if you’ve used these methods before or have others to share, please comment below.  We’re all in this together!


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