The Time My Son Got Pee On My Face


“OMG!  OMG!  PEE!  There’s PEE on my FACE!”  That sentence was all that I could repeat to my friend on the phone.  I was stunned.  That was a moment I was never prepared for as a mom.

About 2 minutes earlier, I was doing a little cleaning in the bathroom when I noticed that it was eerily quiet in LoveBug’s room.  A different kind of quiet.  Mom’s have an innate sort of “spidy sense” that tells us when our kids are getting into something that they shouldn’t.  As I peek around the corner, I see LoveBug putting crayons in his potty.  Now, he has never been one to play with pee so I was quite surprised.  After telling him that we don’t touch pee, I picked him up and that’s when it happened.  A tiny, cold, wet hand touched my arm.  My brain immediately sounded the alarm.  PEE!  PEE!  There’s pee on me!  Eject the child!  No don’t eject the child!  Find baby wipes!  Eww!  As I look down at my arm in disgust, he TOUCHES MY FACE!  Noooooooooo!  I shrieked, “UGGGH!”  Seeing that I am upset, and being the sensitive child that he is, he got upset too.  I ended up comforting him although he’s the one that put pee on me!  Sigh, I digress.

I got him in the bath and cleaned my face.  After splashing around for bit, he peed in the tub.  What gives?  He jumped up, practically leaping onto my lap, and got my clothes soaking wet.  “Is this really happening?  And all before 9 a.m.?”  I thought.  We walk back into his room and he peed on the floor.  You have got to be kidding me.  How much freaking water did I give this boy?  Sidebar: That one was my fault because I accidentally left his potty downstairs.  He yelled, “pee-pee-pee-pee!” while doing the pee dance.  I ran downstairs to get the potty, but tripped over a laundry basket and stepped on some small blocks.  He held it as long as he could.  I didn’t make it back in time.  I certainly have cleaned up a lot of pee in the last few months.  Ahhh to be a mommy.

Have any pee pee stories of your own?  C’mon I know that I can’t be alone on this one.  Comment below!


7 thoughts on “The Time My Son Got Pee On My Face

  1. Funny story! I have been peed on multiple times by my little boys (ages 5 and 1). it is not fun!!! Thank goodness I love them to pieces otherwise I would certainly be tempted to kick them out of the house. lol I also hate it when my baby pees in the tub…it is so frustrating to have to drain the water and start from scratch. No one said being a parent was easy…sigh.


    • I’m sure this is not the last time that I’ll be in this situation. Yes, we MUST love them unconditionally to still be friends after being peed on. Lol. Ugh, peeing in the bathtub is the worst. Bath time around here is mostly business – get in, wash hair, wash body, rinse – with a little play to try to minimize the risk of having to start over. Who has time to start over at bedtime? Ya know?

      Thanks for reading Max And Myles Style!


  2. Yup my daughter pee’d on me while I was changing her paper. I was just standing there like WDH? WHY? Lol It was seconds after I took her paper off too. Oh and I ALMOST got poop on me once, but thankgoodness for my ninja skills! LOL I put her pampers back down just in time.


  3. I don’t have a pee story, but I do have a poop one. When I was trying to potty train my now 13 year old daughter, let’s see 10 1/2 years ago, she tells me, “Mommy, I have to go to potty.” Excited that she told me, I pull down her pull-up, only she has already pooped in her in it, A ball rolls out on the floor. She sees I am getting a little upset; so, she takes off running down the hall with her pull-up still half way down, and all the tiny balls come rolling out in a trail down the hall. Moral here, be thankful it was just pee. LOL 🙂


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