It’s Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!


We all know that reading is a vital component to a child’s learning and development.  Reading a good book can make you laugh, teach you something, or enable your mind to escape into a fantasy land.  And for many people, their love of reading started with Dr. Seuss.  Over the last 70 years, Dr. Seuss has written over 60 children’s books.  His first book, And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street, was rejected 27 times before being published in 1937.  What a great lesson in perseverance, determination and purpose to teach your kids.  The sky is the limit and education is their spaceship.

The best example for reading that your kids have is YOU!  Turning off the TV and picking up a book will show your kids that reading is important and fun.  Take them to the local library, get a free library card and let your LittleBookWorm pick any books they deem interesting.  Reading doesn’t only have to happen at night; in the morning, after school or keeping a few books in the car are great times to squeeze in a little reading.  Reading just 20 minutes a day can increase your child’s love for reading and their vocabulary too!  So in honor of an author that has brought reading into so many of our lives, take some time to read a few books to your kids tonight.  And if you’re big on celebrations, why not throw a Dr. Seuss party?

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