The End of an Era: Nap Time

Me: “It’s too soon. We can’t give up yet.”

Mister: “I really think it’s over babe.  Sorry.  He’s 2.5 years old.  You have to let go.”

Me:  “I will NOT let go of nap time until he’s four!”

For the past few days, LittleCrankyBoots has not taken his afternoon nap.  And you know how much I love nap time – read about it here and here.  About this same time last year, he stopped taking his 2nd nap.  Both transitions have been harder on me than on him.  He seems totally content to run amuck or express his toddler angst all day, I however, NEED nap time.  Most appropriately, my mom mailed this magnet to me and though I don’t sleep while he is awake, this perfectly captures how I feel.


Pic: Dave Coverly

I’ve always been a cheerful early riser, but now that LittleCrankyBoots has decided to forego nap time, I am struggling to wake up.  My alarm clock is the sound of his mattress screeching for help as he mercilessly jumps on it while yelling, “he’s jumping!”  I slap my arm across the bed reaching for my phone to see what ungodly hour it is, then reluctantly peel the sheets off of me and slide out the bed.  With eyes half shut, I zombie walk toward the bathroom for my last 30 seconds of silence, wash my hands then look up in the mirror at my crazy hair and think, “please universe, let this boy take a nap today.”

A few months ago it was easy to tire him out.  Playing with balloons in the living room, chasing each other around the dining room table or letting him run to the fridge to grab magnetic alphabet letters and bring them to me one-by-one as I chill on the couch (alphabet + phonics + exercise = awesome mommy!).  He’d tucker himself out and I’d still have energy for the rest of the day.  Now, I have to take him to the park, which is not a problem, except he’s not old enough to wander by himself.  As I chase him around, I glance over at the moms sitting in a circle talking as their kids run around alone. A twinge of jealousy hits me as they sit in a circle catching up with the latest discussion about I don’t know what because I’m not over there!

BUT… l will not complain.   My life is blessed and even though I am exhausted most days, I am so thankful to be able to spend these precious moments with my LittleCrankyBoots.  I celebrate every stage of his life – though I’m happy to be done with teething and I can’t wait until he’s fully potty trained – and it fills my heart with joy to watch him grow.

How old was your LittleCrankyBoots when s/he stopped taking naps?  Was it a smooth transition?