Where Has The Time Gone… Part 2

So remember when I said “if I ever go on another hiatus I’ll let you know ahead of time?”  Yeaaah… about that.  My bad.  It’s not even that things were super hectic, aside from my computer practically dying, mom and best friend coming into town for my birthday, us traveling to our home state to see an ill family member, having a situation with our dog and the terror that is teething.  I just fell off.  That’s it.  No excuse.

I don’t know why it is so hard for me to be consistent when it comes to motivating myself and executing my visions.  Whenever my friends (or a stranger for that matter) have an idea, I am the first one to turn into their unsolicited personal cheerleader and encourage them to do it, even finding ways to expand on their proposal. I have yet to find that fire for myself.  I have so many great ideas in my head, but that’s all they are: ideas.  At times I get overwhelmed with my mental haste, yet simultaneously annoyed with my physical lagging.  In my head, I am an active and dedicated person: exercising everyday, being outdoorsy, cooking great meals, reading a book a month, doing awesome DIY projects, blogging consistently, and of course being supermom (and wife); basically everything I rather leisurely do now.  I tend to procrastinate a bit (read: most of my life) and have a general fear of doing things, even my own desires.  It’s as if I’m afraid that I’ll fail before I even begin.  And then today I saw this:

fail end no

I have seen many motivational and encouraging posters before, but something about this one has struck a nerve.  So I am making a declaration that AS OF THIS MOMENT (read: tomorrow or so) I am going to STOP (read: kinda try to stop) being a scaredy cat, STOP second guessing myself, STOP worrying about other people’s opinions and just write.  Hey, it’s my life and who can tell my story better than me, right?